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Drug and Syringe


Corticosteroid                                    £250


Corticosteroid Plus *                        £280


Ostenil Plus                                        £300


Ostenil Tendon                                  £300


Ostenil Mini                                        £275


Ostenil & Corticosteroid                  £375

Prolotherapy                                      £250

Fenestration**                                    £350

High Volume Injections                  £350

Sinovial HL 2ml***                             £450

Sinogel 3ml***                                    £500


*Advanced Procedure - Joint Aspirations

** Includes 2-3 sessions over 6 weeks 

*** if combined with corticosteroid add £75






Per session                                          £100

*Course of 4-6 sessions required

** 1 body part per per session



New Assessment                               £120

Follow up                                             £100






Important Payment Information 

Full payment will be made at the time of booking. 


For all appointments 48 hours notice is required for cancellation. 


A cancellation charge equal to the full cost of the appointment will be made if less than 24 hours notice is given and 50% charge if less than 48 hours. 


Injection only:

If on the day of the appointment the decision is made, not to proceed with the injection, you will be charged the normal initial assessment fee of £120. 

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